Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to Safely Hang Your Christmas Lights

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Got the holidays on your mind? We know we do! If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to light up your home with your favorite holiday decorations. Although Christmas lights seem perfectly harmless, the truth is they can actually cause harm if you’re not careful.

Before you get up on your ladder, keep the following tips in mind:

Test your lights. Before hanging up your holiday lights, plug them in and carefully inspect. Look for broken or missing bulbs or worn out wiring. Replace your lights if necessary, as any of these deficiencies can be a fire hazard.

Be smart with a ladder. Before climbing your way up to your roof, be sure you place your ladder firmly on solid, flat ground. Then, rest it against the eaves of your roof at an angle that will be comfortable for when standing. If you lean your ladder against your gutter, place a 2 by 4 inside the gutter to secure the ladder and keep your gutters protected as well.

Strategically hang your lights. The safest place to hang your lights without damaging your roof is along the eaves. Use plastic clips that cling firmly and rest the lights inside the hook - this will protect your roof and avoid you from having to staple or pin down your decorations instead.

For more tips on how to safely hang your Christmas lights this season, click here.

 If you come across any dangers or roof damage while hanging up your Christmas lights, contact Phil’s Main Roofing. Our roofing professionals are here to help with all kinds of repairs your roof might need this month and throughout the year! For more information, please visit our website or give us a call at (203) 838-4545 today.  

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