Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How To Prepare A Budget For Your Roof Remodel

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How to budget for your roof remodel
Remodeling your home in any shape or form is an exciting experience, but it can also be one of the most costly. As a result, careful planning must be done in terms of budget before any decisions can be made about the updates themselves. But although budget is an extremely important factor that goes into any home improvement project, we know it can also be one of the most difficult to determine. Therefore, to help, we've put together a list of things that you must consider when figuring out a budget for your next roof remodel:

Materials: Whether you're replacing your roof in its entirety or simply making some minor repairs, the materials you plan to use are one of the top costs you will have to cover. Before you get into things like color, you must first outline how much of your budget you can dedicate to all of the materials you will need to use, especially since some projects require additional layers or accessories.

Size: The size of your home is extremely important to consider since the overall cost will vary based on the square footage that needs to be covered. Since the material you choose will likely be determined on how much of it you will need (aside from preference, of course), it's a good idea to consider these two factors at the same time. If you're only doing minor repairs vs. complete tear off and replacement, your budget may allow for different material options.

Time: How long is your roofing project going to last? Is it something that can be done in a day or does it need several weeks of work? Being that the price of the job will differ depending upon the extent of the work that needs to be completed, it's important to consider how long the project will last so that you can estimate potential labor costs.

Most importantly, all homeowners should dedicate a piece of their budget to unexpected costs - what happens if new damage is discovered during the process? To keep yourself from having to worry about how you will cover newly presented costs, we encourage you to put some money aside in advance for this reason and this reason only.

Are you thinking about remodeling your roof this summer? If roof work is in your future, make an appointment to receive your FREE estimate from Phil's Main Roofing today! We'll take a look at your home and provide you with as much as information as we can about the cost of your next project.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Residential And Commercial Roofing In Connecticut

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Connecticut roofing services
Are you looking to install a new roof for your home or business? Maybe you're looking to install a new built-up or single ply roof for your commercial building, or maybe you just want to get your annual inspection underway. Whether you're worried about a leaky ceiling in your office or a few loose shingles on your home, Phil's Main Roofing provides services to meet your needs at home and in the work place.

Family owned and operated for three generations, we are committed to providing quality roof repairs and installations for the businesses and residents of Fairfield County and the surrounding areas with a smile. We provide all types of residential and commercial roofing services, which include but are not limited to:
  • New Construction and Re-roofing
  • Tear Off and Replacement
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Roof Drainage (Repitching)
  • Gutter and Downspout Installation
  • Waterproofing
  • Re-sealing - Exterior Silicone
  • Structural Repair
At Phil's Main Roofing, we know that keeping up with your roof can be a big job. That's why we also offer cleaning and preventative maintenance plans to keep your roof in tip top shape! Keeping up on maintenance can help detect roof damage from spring showers and summer storms early, hopefully eliminating the need for large-scale repairs at hefty costs later on.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three Home Improvement Projects That Can Boost Resale Value

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Are you thinking of putting your home up for sale sometime in 2015? Whether it has been on your mind for years or you recently made a spur of the moment decision to pack up and go, selling your home is a process that begins before you even hang up the "for sale" sign. Starting with renovations, one of the first things homeowners often consider is how they can boost their resale value (even if only slightly) before they put a price tag on their home. But which home improvements reward you with the most bang for your buck? Find out below:

Home improvement projects that can boost resale value

Freshen Up The Front: Being that your front yard is one of the first things potential buyers see when they pull up to the curb, it's important to always keep things looking fresh. If spring or summer is when you plan to sell, brighten up the front of your home by planting some of your favorite colorful flowers in your garden or window boxes. Additionally, if your walkway or front stoop is cracked or outdated, you may want to update to give off a better first impression - first impressions are everything!

Clean Up Your Kitchen's Act: Right off the bat most people would agree that an updated kitchen is a huge selling point. If your budget calls for it, any type of improvement to the kitchen is a must if you're looking to wow anyone that walks through the front door. Regardless of whether you update to new appliances, give new doors to your cabinets or simply change the lighting to make the room appear bigger and brighter, any updates you can make to cause your kitchen to stand out is huge.

Add To The Attic: Okay this one's easy, but as you update, don't forget to insulate! If your attic is unused you might not have had any reason to insulate in the past, but taking just a bit of time to do so can go a long way. Since future homeowners will want to know that their hard earned cash won't go to waste in terms of their heating and cooling costs, it's important to have a well insulated attic that will keep the wanted air in and the unwanted air out. 

Last but not least, we certainly couldn't forget about your roof. As a bonus tip, we'd like to remind you that taking care of your roof and repairing/replacing it can play a huge role in your home's resale value. If your Connecticut home needs some roof repairs, a new roof entirely, or some basic maintenance to whip it into shape before your house makes its way to the market, connect with Phil's Main Roofing! We offer a variety of residential roofing services that you can benefit from before you embark on the journey of selling your home.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Green Roofs: An Overview

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Phil's Main Roofing, Green Roofs

We're sure you've heard about ways that you can go green around the home (we even discussed a few earlier this week!) but did you ever think that you could be eco-friendly just by having a certain kind of roof? Well, you can! But we don't mean by choosing one material over another - we mean by actually having a "green" roof, plant life and all!

As described by the EPA, green roofs are those that have a layer of vegetation directly on top. And since they are a place where life can thrive, they offer several environmental benefits to the area around them - not to mention the benefits they can bring to the property owner who has one! Between providing shade to the property, reducing air pollution and aiding in efforts to minimize the effect of global warming alone, green roofs can be one of the greatest influences on your approach to making your home or commercial building more eco-friendly.

So what's in it for you? By having a green roof (so long as your property's structure supports it), you can prolong the lifespan of your roof, reduce the amount of runoff that occurs from stormwater and even improve the health of those inside! Although the costs of having a green roof installed may deter you from the project, it is certainly something to consider if you're looking for new, out of the box ways to work on your green efforts and improve your home or building all around.

Now we want to know - what are your thoughts? Be sure to visit us on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page to let us know what you think about going green with a green roof!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How To Find A Leak In Your Roof

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Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers, but did you ever think about what else they could bring if they wind up inside of your home? If you'd like to keep this month's rain where it belongs, it's important to determine if you have a leak in your roof before a storm arrives.

Not sure how to find one? We've got the tips you need to locate the source of the problem before it leaves you with a mess to clean up:
    How to find a leak in your roof, Phil's Main Roofing
  1. Using a flashlight, inspect your roof from the inside to see if there are any noticeable dark spots. A sign of water damage, these can be your first clue when determining where the water is seeping in from.
  2. If insulation makes it difficult for you to see the underside of your roof, look for sections that appear to be deteriorating. Should any be obvious, start to remove the insulation in that area so that you can get a better glimpse at the roof itself.
  3. Look for signs of mold from the inside. Being that mold requires a moist environment to form and spread, it is a good indicator that water is making its way into your home in an area relatively close by.
  4. Inspect your roof's construction for any nails that might be poking through. If there are any that are visible to the eye, there is a good chance that they themselves are the source of the leak!
  5. Since dry weather can make it difficult to locate the source of a leak, you may have to make your own storm. To do so, head up to your roof with a hose and begin letting the water flow until your partner, working from the inside, is able to visibly see a drip. 
Although you might think that a little water never hurt anyone, it sure can if you let a leak go long enough without being properly addressed. If your Connecticut home has fallen victim to a leak, contact Phil's Main Roofing for help right away; we offer leak detection and repair services and can have things patched up in no time.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ways To Go Green Around The Home This Spring

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Going green in the home this spring, Phil's Main Roofing

Although the push to "go green" is ever present all 365 days of the year, April is an especially important month since Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd. And since the 22nd is just over one week away, now is the perfect time to start incorporating eco-friendly actions into your daily routines if you haven't already!

Check out the below list for five ways that you can go green at home in honor of this monthly observance:
  1. Unplug all electronics when they aren't in use. Although turning them off might seem like enough, if they are still connected to an outlet, they are still drawing power. If you would prefer not to unplug larger electronics such as your TV, plug their main cord into a power strip so that you can easily turn the strip off.
  2. Address any leaks that you have been putting off getting fixed. While you may not think that an occasional drip from your faucet is a big deal, every occurrence is a waste of water. Then, once you're done fixing leaks that are a result of your plumbing, don't forget to address any leaks coming from your roof! At Phil's Main Roofing, we offer leak detection and repair services that can certainly come in handy.
  3. Upgrade major appliances to products that have an Energy Star label. Items like your stove or washing machine are only given this label if they meet certain criteria, so you can rest assured knowing that your home will be much more energy efficient.
  4. Avoid doing the wash unless you have a full load of dirty laundry available. Same goes for the dishes - unless your dishwasher is full, wait until you have more utensils and place settings to be cleaned before turning it on.
  5. Replace all of your current lightbulbs with CFL ones. Not only do these types of lightbulbs typically last longer, but they also consume much less energy than your standard bulbs (about 75% less, according to Good Housekeeping). 
One last thing...

If you're making any updates to your home in terms of remodeling, such as redoing your roof, don't forget to ask about eco-friendly products and find out if your old roof can be recycled!

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Making Roof Shingles Match

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How to make your roof shingles matchHave you ever experienced a home improvement project that started out great, but left you unsatisfied with the end result? When it comes to minor roof repairs, such as replacing a few shingles here and there, many homeowners are often surprised when they realize that the new materials do not match the old. Black is black, gray is gray and brown is brown, so how could that be? Although it would seem obvious to assume that the color you choose is going to match your existing materials, the truth is that not all materials come in the same shade and style - that's why it's so important to do your research first!

To avoid being rather surprised the next time you need to have some work done to your roof, the first step you should take is to find the most recent records pertaining to your roof to determine the product name, color number and manufacturer used in the past. However, if this is not available to you, you might find it helpful to remove one shingle from your roof so that you can get a closer look at the material's color, texture and other physical features - this will help you when discussing new material options with your current contractor.

So where does the discrepancy in colors come from? Truth is, your current contractor and past contractor may work with different manufacturers, and each manufacturer may not necessarily supply the same materials. But, that certainly doesn't mean that your new materials have no chance at being a perfect match - and even if they aren't, you can bet your contractor will work with you to find an option that is as close in color as possible!

If you’re located in Connecticut are in need of new shingles for your roof, be sure to contact Phil’s Main Roofing! We install the top roofing brands and will work with you to make sure that your home is as aesthetically pleasing as can be. For more information about our residential and commercial roofing services, visit us at or call (203) 838-4545 today.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things To Consider Before Installing A Skylight

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Things to consider before installing skylights in Connecticut
After a long winter, most people would do anything to let some more sunshine into their home. But is opening the blinds really enough? Although your everyday windows are a great source of sunlight, not to mention your doors as well, sometimes you just need another way for natural light to make its way in. The answer? Skylights.

Being that skylights are installed on your roof, they allow the sun to shine directly into your home without having to pass through any barriers; how much better could it get? If you're thinking of using skylights to make your home a bit more brighter, don't forget to consider the following before having them installed:

Cost | Like you would for any other home improvement project, make "cost" one of the first things you research. Although they are technically a window, that doesn't mean that the cost of installation will be equivalent to what it would cost to have new windows installed on the front or side of your home. And don't forget about hidden costs that might emerge - depending on the structure of your home, you may find that you have make additional repairs or changes along the way.

Placement | The placement of your skylight is extremely important to get the best results. If part of your roof is covered by a tree, chances are you might be welcoming in more shade than sun. Additionally, if you plan to install a skylight in a room that faces North, you should compare how the results will differ if you installed it in a room that faces South; you'd be surprised at how the amount of light available changes when switching directions!

Regulations | Being that skylights are a unique feature of the home, your local building department may have certain rules and regulations about what types of skylights can be installed and where. Before setting a date for the installation to begin, be sure to connect with a town official about the project.

Most importantly, don't forget to consider your roof! Since you will essentially be cutting a piece of it out, you will want to know how stable it is otherwise and ensure that it is fully equipped to handle a new structure in itself. To learn more about how Phil's Main Roofing assists residential and commercial customers with all aspects of their roofs, please visit us at or contact us at (203) 838-4545 today.